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Tanin Bouquet R36 (IOC)

TANIN BOUQUET R36 is a mixture of condensed tannins extracted from the wood of red berry fruit species.

The special process of extraction and drying at a low temperature used during the production process of this tannin makes it possible to extract from the wood glycosylated forms of aromatic compounds such as nor-isoprenoids (beta-ionone and beta-damascenone), responsible for the hints of red fruit in wine.

The resulting wine therefore has intense aromas of cherry, strawberry, marasca cherry, blueberry etc. which complement the varietal aromas and those produced during fermentation.

The aromatic expression is heightened with the use of certain strains of yeast such as IOC R9008 (for red musts) and IOC FRESH ROSÉ (for rosé musts).

TANIN BOUQUET R36 promotes colour stabilisation and prevents oxidation of the primary aromas. Its granular form facilitates dispersion in water and wine and prevents the formation of dust, which can be troublesome for the vineyard worker.