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Food Safety Certification

Kosher Certification

ISO Certification

General Statement (including non-GMO and organic statement and product specifications)

Material Safety Datasheet

Nutrient Non-GMO statement

Pricelist 2020

Order Form 2020

Protokol: Optimale Gis Rehidrasie

Protocol: Reducing Smoke Taint

Protokol: Vermindering van Rookbederf

Protocol: Rosé Wine in red berry style (via saignée)

Protokol: Rosé Wyn in rooi bessie styl (via saignée)

Protocol: Rosé Wine in thiol style (via maceration)

Protokol: Rosé Wyn in tiool styl (via dopkontak)

Protocol: Rosé Wine in ester style (via maceration)

Protokol: Rosé Wyn in ester styl (via dopkontak)

Protocol: Rosé Wine in amylic style (via direct pressing)

Protokol: Rosé Wyn in amiel styl (via direkte pers)

Protocol: Red wine production in various styles

Protokol: Rooiwyn produksie in verskillende style

Protocol: Speed up ageing on lees

Protokol: Bespoedig veroudering op gismoer

Protocol: Restart stuck fermentation

Protocol: MCC production

Protocol: MLF with IOC Inobacter

Protocol: Pinot noir production

Protocol: The production of low sulphur white wines

Protocol: Managing rot in the cellar

Protocol: Tannins as an alternative to oak chips

Protocol: The filtration of white wines

Protocol: The filtration of red wines

The Anchor Fermentation Guide ENG 2019

Die Anchor Fermentasie Handboek AFR 2019

The Anchor Oenology Winemaker’s Guide for the production of white, rosé, red and sparkling wines ENG 2020

Die Anchor Oenology Handleiding vir Wynmakers vir die produksie  van wit-, rosé-, rooi- en vonkelwyne AFR 2020

Anchor and IOC Flotation Guide

IOC products for organic wine production

Monitoring Your Alcoholic Fermentation: Fermentation Charts

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