Inofine V MES (IOC)

INOFINE V MES is made from pea proteins placed in colloidal suspension in tartaric acid. This liquid formulation has been developed for 2 purposes: immediate use (time-saving); particularly high technical quality, including flocculation and quick sedimentation. As it is soluble in organic acid, INOFINE V MES is particularly active for wine pH due to its flocculating action and its capacity to complex with polyphenols. It is particularly recommended for preventive treatment of musts liable to oxidize. Used in wine, INOFINE V MES can significantly increase resistance to oxidation of oxygen-sensitive wines and reduce the concentration of phenolic and oxidizable compounds. INOFINE V MES enhances organoleptic qualities. It reduces the sensation of bitterness and eliminates plant or herbaceous notes of wines that have suffered oxidation.