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Alchemy IV (Anchor) (Red)

Alchemy IV is for the production of intense red fruit characters (cherry, raspberry, red currant and pomegranate) in wines. This blend is a very high producer of ethyl esters, especially of ethyl hexanoate (fruity), which contributes to the longevity of fruit aromas. This makes it very suitable in ageing wines that keep their intense red fruit characters. This blend also has significant production of total esters and terpenes (fruity and violet). Common to both Anchor Alchemy red blends is their very high fruit contribution due to higher total esters and ethyl hexanoate production. This is further enhanced by ß-damascenone (violets) and a decrease in methoxy-pyrazines (which can mask fruit characters). Alchemy IV produces wines with significant aroma intensity that are rounded and smooth and is suitable for all red varietals.