FYNEO, a yeast protein extract, has excellent fining properties due to its high concentrations of > 15 KDa molecular weight compounds. FYNEO is a top-grade clarifier facilitating rapid [...]

Natuferm Fruity

Natuferm® Fruity is an autolysed yeast, selected for it richness in amino acids, precursors of esters aroma, produced during alcoholic fermentation. The presence of ergosterol is also an added [...]


Its unique formulation rich in available amino nitrogen and trace elements is specific to the initial phases of alcoholic fermentation. Its use promotes a healthy yeast population, with [...]


When used at the time of macerating red-wine grapes, FULLCOLOR protects the colouring substances from oxidation because it’s an oxygen acceptor. It also reacts immediately with the extracted [...]


Anchor SOLO SELECT is an Oenococcus oeni bacteria selected for its ability to efficiently perform malolactic fermentation under a wide range of challenging conditions. In addition, [...]


Fermivin® P21 is able to ferment at low temperature (12 °C) and suitable for cold soaking. It is also giving very good results after pre-fermentation maceration. Fermivin P21 produces high [...]

Inofine V MES

INOFINE V MES is made from pea proteins placed in colloidal suspension in tartaric acid. This liquid formulation has been developed for 2 purposes: immediate use (time-saving); particularly high [...]

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